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About Likewise Cannabis


Our Humble Roots

We founded Likewise Cannabis in June of 2018 shortly after the passing of State Question 788 to be a dispensary experience that delighted the senses and welcomed all to find medicinal cannabis products for their needs. Our earliest mission was to create a cannabis experience that helped to dispell negative connotations surrounding the industry while providing patients with a clean, comfortable environment focused on creating a standard to see this industry succeed.

Our first location opened in June of 2018 in the Plaza District, the perfect location for people on foot and automobiles alike to stop in and learn more about cannabis and the potential benefits it could pose for them. Since then we've expanded into Edmond and Stillwater, with our latest experience, Likewise Craft, offering OKC one of the first cannabis drive thrus and live edible kitchens in town.


The Origins Of The Name

Making a brand name is hard, y'all. It took lots of coffee, cannabis, snacks, cannabis and cannabis to come up with a naming concept that we and our patients could be proud of. Likewise was founded by a group of Oklahomans who had exhausted their bodies with the use of the currently prescribed pharmaceutical drugs being used for ailments common to all of us. From anxiety and depression to chronic pain and a whole host of other conditions we recognized that we weren’t alone in our struggles. When 788 passed legalizing medicinal cannabis we knew that we wanted to be at the forefront of creating an experience that would likewise help to provide the relief that we sought ourselves in cannabis to our fellow Oklahomans. We conduct strict testing on all cannabis products that come through our doors before they leave with our patients and offer only the highest quality products from the best vendors in the state. Our house brand was crafted by our amazing team of extractors and chefs to provide a full-spectrum cannabis line designed to work consistently and effectively with every dose.


Our Dispensary Experiences

Our cannabis dispensaries in Oklahoma are designed to feel comfortable, upscale and inviting while offering one of the largest selections of the best cannabis flower, edibles, cartridges, extracts and more.

Our Processing Ventures

Not only do we make all of our edibles in a show-kitchen at our Likewise Craft dispensary experience, we produce all of our cannabis cartridges and concentrates with our processing partners right here in the heart of Oklahoma at the highest-end facilities in town.

Our Cannabis Grow

Our boutique grow operation produces exotic strains in small-batch quantities on a regular cycle to provide patients with an exhillerating selection of limited flower focused solely on the experience that each unique strain is known for.